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What's it like interning at a multinational company?

Working in a company like Schneider Electric is like a dream come true and I am very fortunate to have this opportunity. I work as an engineering intern in Schneider and am currently a 4th year Electrical Engineering Student. The internship is of a hybrid model allowing both working from home and working from site and takes place over 5 months with flexible schedules.

Schneider makes you constantly grow and innovate to power the digital economy through energy management and automation. The workplace is very inclusive believing in equal opportunities for everyone despite their backgrounds. It challenges you to show your entrepreneurial skills taking responsibility of everything you do. Most importantly the work carried out at Schneider is Meaningful Schneider’s purpose is to empower all to make the most of our energy and resources, bridging progress and sustainability for all. Their mission is to be the digital partner for Sustainability and Efficiency. Schneider believes in its mission very seriously being ranked the worlds most sustainable organisation for 2021 by global 100. Being a global firm with 140,000 employees around the world, there is need for employees from all technical backgrounds such as Engineering, Science, Business, and trades etc.

Working as an Engineering Intern I am involved in a multitude of technical task such as Automatic guided vehicles optimisation, Quality and safety enhancements for the supply chain including (A.I., ML, Vision, Robotics). I am also involved in participating in root cause analysis for failures in the supply chain, implement the fixes and supporting Schneider in delivering Smart distribution centres and use Schneider Ecostruxure connected devices. Furthermore, there are ample opportunities to learn various other skills such as financial management of resources, Personnel Management of team members and Software skills. These tasks aid your overall development and gives you key employability skills, translatable to any task you do in the future. Schneider encourages sharing of knowledge and constant curiosity to learn through inter-personnel communication within and outside the organisation. There is a very friendly network of experts ever ready to do anything from sharing with you their technical expertise to making you feel welcomed by teach you company culture.

The application process for the internship included completing a Gradsift Profile, Digital Interviews, Situational Strengths Assessment, Background Screening. Each stage was designed to pick the candidates that perfectly match their requirements. Skills which I found particularly useful in the process included Strong communication skills, Clarity of the thought process, demonstration of time management skills. Furthermore, your work experience, volunteering and other extracurricular activities were also noted and equally evaluated.

-Karan Singh


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