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Why sponsor us?

Industry is an important part of ELSOC.  Getting involved gives your company a huge amount of exposure.  ELSOC is made up of 1500 electrical and telecommunication engineering students, all looking for internships and jobs.

Sponsoring ELSOC gives your company the opportunity to have face to face contact and pass on your message to some of Australia’s best and brightest young engineers. Please see our sponsorship proposal for a detailed breakdown of opportunities available and contact us with any questions at Find our sponsorship prospectus here.

Who are we?
UNSW ELSOC is made up of ~2000 undergraduate and 500 postgraduate students.

What degrees do our members study?
All ELSOC members are studying at least some form of Electrical or Telecommunications Engineering. Many students however undertake a double degree most commonly in Computer Science, Maths or Commerce.

What types of events do we hold?
Typically we hold around 13 or 14 lunchtime BBQs each year. This is where most industry representatives attend, but we also hold several other social events including trivia and a games night.
Alongside our social events, we also hold an annual industry night, technical and professional workshops, and student tutoring throughout the year.

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Platinum Sponsors
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